Frequently asked

1. What is the MOQ (minimum order quantity)?

Minimum order quantity consists of 50pcs for BASIC models or 100pcs for CUSTOM models. (One model means the same cut, fabric, decoration). Different sizes can be ordered within one model.

2. How to start?

The easiest and fastest way is to use our BASIC collection consisting of the most popular models. Our cuts have been developed over the years in cooperation with various clothing brands. If you know only that you just need a good T-shirt or sweatshirt and don't have any special requirements for any particular size, then the BASIC collection is just for you. If you need something special, we offer you CUSTOM production (tailored).

3. Is there a price difference between the BASIC collection and CUSTOM production?

Yes, CUSTOM production is more expensive when a single item is taken into account. Moreover, there are additional costs of preparing or modifying templates.

4. Where can I see the BASIC collection catalogue?

All catalogues are available under the link

5. Can I order a product that is not in the catalogue?

Yes, you can. We're talking then about CUSTOM production. Over the years, we have developed a network of trusted partners, thanks to which our possibilities are extensive. Send us a picture or a link to a sample product with the question "can we?".

6. Do you also prepare labels and other accessories?

We manufacture for you everything you need for your brand (labels, boxes, buttons, etc.). We can make all kinds of decorations (prints, embroidery, applications, laser, other). We can also supply you with advertising materials (business cards, posters, folders, others).

7. Where do the goods come from? Where are they produced?

All production takes place in Poland. For production, we use raw materials produced mostly in Poland.

8. Where can I see prices for BASIC or CUSTOM production?

To receive a quote for your production, please contact us at info@customtop.eu.

9. Can I order a sample of my product?

Yes, you can. The cost of the design is 2x the production price + all expenses related to preparation (e.g., screens, embroidery programs, stencils, others).

10. How long does the production process take?

It depends on what you want to order, but the average waiting time is 4-6 weeks. This period concerns both the preparation of the designs and the production itself.